Training Dogs to Stand Effectively

Having a dog is one of the most fun things you can do in your life. As there are plenty of dog breeds that will be suitable for your lifestyle, you can choose them freely to make your days brighter at home. In order to make your dog be more intelligent and active, the first lesson can be the basic one; training them to stand. Although it might be something simple for some dog owners, you might have a problem and training your dogs to stand. So, in this article, we’ll unveil the tricks.

The Best Training Stand Tricks for the Dogs

Standing tricks can be a useful skill for the dogs, especially if you want them to deal with your commands. Although it is a basic skill, you can train the stand-up tricks to make sure that the dog will be easier to examine, especially when you have to deal with their grooming or vet needs. So, how do you train the dog to stand? Here are some steps that will be perfect for your training session with the dog:

  1. Make sure that you have the attention of the dog. To make sure that you have their attention, you can do some things, such as using the marker sound which indicates they have done something great. Saying ‘good!’ and other positive words will make them know they have behaved You can also use some other marker sounds like clicking to make sure that they understand the signal.
  2. Training your dog to stand is easier when you have trained them to sit. So, let them trained to sit before you ask them to stand. After they have successfully sit, make sure that you can start the training. Using the treat in front of the dogs, you can ask them to stand. The treat should be about ten inches away from the dog’s nose. You can also train them to be constantly standing so it will be good for them.
  3. Then, train them to stand in various places. If you usually train them at the house, you can take them for a walk and train them to do the trick in the park. They will understand the tricks better, which means you can start training and ask them to stand everywhere. Make sure you constantly do the tricks to make it more understandable by the dogs.
  4. Give them treat after they do the good movements. If they successfully do what you ask, you can make sure they understand their good behavior. Don’t ever try to punish them too hard as they will be more aggressive and afraid. Keep the treats balanced, even a simple ‘good!’ is enough for the dogs.

The key to making sure that your dog understands you better is about the constant training. You will also need to be patient in training the dogs. They are not too difficult to train, but you need to give all of you for them. With your patience and determination, your dogs can do what you ask!