Tips on Having Leopard Gecko ad Your Pets

Leopard Gecko is one of the species of gecko that many people love. This type of gecko is having good look so that many people think it is unique. Many of them decide to buy this type of gecko and raise it as their pet. If you also have this kind of intention, it would be good if you learn more about some important information about this gecko.

General Information of Leopard Gecko

Before you know deeper information about Leopard Gecko, you have to know some important information about this gecko. Physically, this gecko has white, yellow and black dots in the whole of its body. By the look which is similar with Leopard, this gecko is named with that term.

In common, this type has the life for about 20 or more years. Moreover, for the length, it can reach up to 8 up 10 inches. It does include their tails. Then, do you want to know more about its behavior? Read the following information about the behavior and the other preparation for raising your gecko.

Behavior and Tips on Raising This Gecko

You might be curious about Leopard Gecko and want to know more about this kind of gecko, before you start to raise them. If you decide to raise them, you have to make sure to know several basics information about this gecko. For example, you have to know about its habit and temperament, or something else.

  • Habits and Temperament

You have to know that this reptile is a nocturnal reptile, which means it awakes in the night, but sleeping in the day. It would be good to put the house on the grown since it is a ground-dwelling gecko. Even though the look of this gecko is a little bit strong, you have to know that this gecko is actually easy to tame. So, do not worry too much about its behavior and temperament.

  • Prepare the House

If you want to have the house of this gecko, make sure to know the right size of the standard house for this gecko. For two or three geckoes, you can prepare about 15-20 gallon tank. You also do not need to separate between the male and female gecko. You also have to learn about some composition of building the house for the gecko before you bring it to your home.

  • Standard Temperature

In building the house for your gecko, you also have to consider about the temperature inside it. You have to know that the standard of the temperature is about 31 degree of Celsius. Meanwhile, for the lowest temperature, it cannot be more than 21 up to 24 degrees of Celsius. So, you have to build the house that can manage the temperature to be on those ranges.

  • Food and Water Supply

The same with the other kind of pets, you also need to prepare for the food and also water supply. You can prepare some insects as the food for your gecko. Put it inside the house of your gecko, and your gecko will eat it by itself. Meanwhile, for the water, it is something important for them, since it can help the gecko to manage the humidity. You can put the water inside of a bowl and the gecko will drink it by itself.

  • Health Problems

You also have to know the best way of managing the health problem of your gecko. Commonly, the gecko has a problem that can affect their appetite. So, if you find out that your gecko has less appetite, make sure to bring it to the veterinarian and ask for help for your gecko. To avoid the health problem, it would be good to prepare for enough vitamin and calcium, so that the gecko can grow well as health gecko.

If you want to raise a gecko, those tips are important for you. You have to know each tip and learn more about the behavior and some problems that can be found in your gecko, to raise it well. You also have to prepare enough space for building your gecko a comfortable and warm enough home. So, your gecko can stay healthy and comfortable enough.

You also have to prepare for the food and water supply. Make sure that your gecko gets enough support of vitamin and calcium which are good for their health. That is all the information for you about Leopard Gecko which you want to raise.